Vincet Von Carre'

JC-Skull 7


Atts Base P/N
Agi 2 +
App 0
Bld 0
Cre 1 -
Fit 1 +
Inf 0
Kno 1 +
Per 2 +
Psy 0
Wil 0

2nd Value
Str 13
Hea 0
Sta 25
UD 17
AD 16

Injury Score
Flesh 13
Deep 25
Death 50

Skill LvL Type Att
Acrobatics S Agility
Aircraft Pilot C Agility
Archery S Agility
Dance S Agility
Dodge 2 S Agility
Drive S Agility
Exo-Pilot 2 C Agility
Hand to Hand 1 S Agility
Heavy Weapons S Agility
Melee S Agility
Parachuting S Agility
Riding S Agility
Sleight of Hand S Agility
Small Arms 2 S Agility
Stealth C Agility
Throwing S Agility
Zero G Cmbt S Agility
Zero G Mvmnt S Agility
Grooming S Appearance
Seduction S Appearance
Intimidate S Build
Animal Handling S Creativity
Camouflage S Creativity
Cooking S Creativity
Craft (Specific) S Creativity
Disguise S Creativity
Elect Warfare C Creativity
Forgery C Creativity
Interrogation S Creativity
Literature S Creativity
Music S Creativity
Space Pilot C Creativity
Survival (Specific) S Creativity
Tactics C Creativity
Teaching S Creativity
Tinker C Creativity
Visual Arts S Creativity

Skill LvL Type Att
Athletics S Fitness
G Handling 1 S Fitness
Swimming S Fitness
Etiquette S Influence
Leadership S Influence
Bureaucracy 1 C Knowledge
Business C Knowledge
Communications C Knowledge
Computer C Knowledge
Demolition C Knowledge
Earth Sciences C Knowledge
Electronic Design C Knowledge
Electronics C Knowledge
First Aid 1 S Knowledge
Foreign Language (Specific) 1 S Knowledge
Law 1 C Knowledge
Life Sciences C Knowledge
Mechanical Design C Knowledge
Mechanics C Knowledge
Medicine C Knowledge
Navigation (Specific) C Knowledge
Physical Sciences C Knowledge
Psychology C Knowledge
Security C Knowledge
Social Sciences C Knowledge
Combat Sense 2 S Perception
Gambling S Perception
Gunnery (Specific) 2 C Perception
Investigation C Perception
Naval Pilot C Perception
Notice 2 S Perception
Human Perception C Psyche
Haggling S Influence
Streetwise S Influence
Theatrics S Influence


My story is a fun one. My father and Mother are Marians that moved to Jupiter when they were very young.
My Mothers parents were from the Free Republic, they benefited from the orbital elevator and were able to take lots of their possession and wealth with them. They had a decent amount of money and still own significant land on Mars. They moved when she was very young to Athens and continued the development of food production in space environments. She was raised under old Marian traditions and still kept with Jupiter standards. She moved on to become a Lawyer.
My Father’s parent was also Marians. They were more of an interesting pair; my grandfather was a Free Republic member but was in the main city working with the orbital elevator working with the military. He meets my grandmother in that city she was from the Federation but it is a fun marriage. He would eventually be killed in a large scale boarder war. She the grandmother took the 3 younger children and left for Athens Jupiter to get away from the fighting. Her family was not happy but did not cut her off. My father became a bioengineer.
The parents meet in college. But both were raised in their respective ways. Mother was raised mainly in Free Republic and Father mainly in Federation fashion, although it included Freedom style military training. I was also raised in a dual fashion, taught both styles of military tactics. As was my formal education in both law and biological science. So in the military I was also allowed to be both exo-pilot and JAG officer, although my law specialty is Patent and knowledge rights law.
I also stay up to date with my family although my father’s side is spread out and does random things and can be weird. My mother’s side is much more normal and follows Martian style.

Vincet Von Carre'

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