CWO Vail Taetum

Tall and lean. If not for his scars, the JAF poster-child.


Tall, skinny. Fair skinned, bright blue eyes.

Atts Base
Agi +2
App -1
Bld 0
Cre 0
Fit +1
Inf 0
Kno 0
Per +2
Psy +1
Wil 0

2nd Value
Str 0
Hea 1
Sta 30
UD 5
AD 5

Injury Score
Flesh 15
Deep 30
Death 60


Vail Taetum
Father is Nomad freelance technician and pseudo-pilot – Eammon Brenner.

Mom works on a SC Medical/rescue ship – doctor and exo pilot. She’s a Jovian Citizen, from the Newhome state originally – Dr. Janet Marie Taetum.

One of a set of triplets – none know which is “oldest” since their parents won’t tell them. 1 brother (Laird) works for JIS (Jovian Intelligence Service) and the other (Calder) for SolaPol – cause of some tension among the brothers.

Laird was killed in the Battle of Elysée.

Burned in fire/explosion when Nomad ship/”colony” hit by pirates. Very young when it happened. Mostly shrapnel scars on face, burn scars are fainter, on left side of torso, arms and left leg. Shrapnel scars on face have pulled the skin tight near his left eye, scarred his ear, with a jagged line up his jaw on that side. There are also scars along his skull in his hair, giving him white stripes in the fuzz he shaves his hair down to.

Afraid of water (hydrophobic) as he was knocked out by the blast but thrown into water tank to extinguish flames rapidly – came to in a water storage tank and wasn’t/isn’t able to swim.

Parents didn’t marry until after the boys had all graduated from their schools – spent years at a time with Dad before meeting up with Mom’s ship for some time with her. As a result, spent early years in zero-g and under acceleration. Very tall and slender (zegee build)

Right handed

Believes that Jovian Confederation has it right – he’s a patriot, well meaning, nice, level headed, but completely devoted to the JAF and the Confed.

Outgoing, personable, a bit chatty. Wants to be everyone’s friend but only as long as they are on the same side – not likely to try and friend folks from CEGA, Venus, or the Martian Federation – views them as silly and narrow-minded at best, evil conniving fascists at worst. Views Mercurians as potential friends (though misguided) and Martian Free Republic folk as “brothers-in-arms”.

Other than his scars, he’d be a poster-child for JAF recruitment and attitude. Trusts his superiors completely.

Likes people, likes being around them, likes talking to them and getting to know them. Doesn’t mind the enclosed spaces of ship life and doesn’t mind the lack of gravity – actually finds colony life a little odd.

Very fair skinned with bright, light blue eyes. Blond hair – head, face, body.

Extremely proud of being picked to join the JAF SF and of his Medal of Jupiter’s Son. Looking forward to his SF training.

Call sign – Phoenix

CWO Vail Taetum

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