The Jovian Chronicles

Big Easy's Captain's Log - 10/15/2209 to 11/11/2209

Captain’s Log. Stardate November 9th, 2209.

We are finally home, well, as close to home as we’re going to be for awhile – we are currently being grounded aboard Joshua Station while we await the results of our trial. Yes, you heard right, apparently Jovian High Command are not too happy with the “damage we have wreaked all over the solar system,” and that we “will be lucky to ever fly again.” Can you believe it? We should be treated like heroes! Not the villains. I’m on the cover of Jovian Time magazine as the “Man of the Year” for crying out loud! Don’t they understand that it is “kill or be killed” out there? BAH! Regardless, I’m pretty sure poor Tomato will be punished the worst, the one in charge usually gets butt raped the worst when something goes “wrong.”

On the brighter side of things, Iria and I are officially dating. But don’t tell the rest of the crew that, I’m not supposed to be dating someone in the media. She’s worth it though, after years of manwhoring I think I can finally say I know what love is. It’s pretty weird to think about — this whole love thing. Who woulda thunk that Big Easy would have stars in his eyes? Not me that’s for sure, but I’m not complaining. She makes me feel wonderful.

Captain’s Log. Stardate October 20th, 2209.

I apologize for the outburst yesterday, I was upset after an exchange I had with Tomato after our recent encounter. I had told him that I thought his orders were reckless and endangering, and he responded with a jab at Lil Bro at which point I lost my cool. I need to be able to control my temper better, even during the most heated of arguments. I shouldn’t be worry about this anymore, we are on our way back to Jovian space and it will be good to finally relax. Hopefully I can get Lil Bro the best doctors the Confed has to offer.

This might sound odd, but I find myself falling for Iria. She is smart, funny, drop dead sexy, and the sex is freakin’ amazing. Normally I am not the one to settle down with anyone but she is different, she understands me. Anywho, I will tell you more soon, she’s calling me back to bed. Round three here I cum! lol

Captain’s Log. Stardate October 19th, 2209.




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