The Jovian Chronicles

Big Easy's Captain's Log - 10/15/2209 to 11/11/2209

Captain’s Log. Stardate November 9th, 2209.

We are finally home, well, as close to home as we’re going to be for awhile – we are currently being grounded aboard Joshua Station while we await the results of our trial. Yes, you heard right, apparently Jovian High Command are not too happy with the “damage we have wreaked all over the solar system,” and that we “will be lucky to ever fly again.” Can you believe it? We should be treated like heroes! Not the villains. I’m on the cover of Jovian Time magazine as the “Man of the Year” for crying out loud! Don’t they understand that it is “kill or be killed” out there? BAH! Regardless, I’m pretty sure poor Tomato will be punished the worst, the one in charge usually gets butt raped the worst when something goes “wrong.”

On the brighter side of things, Iria and I are officially dating. But don’t tell the rest of the crew that, I’m not supposed to be dating someone in the media. She’s worth it though, after years of manwhoring I think I can finally say I know what love is. It’s pretty weird to think about — this whole love thing. Who woulda thunk that Big Easy would have stars in his eyes? Not me that’s for sure, but I’m not complaining. She makes me feel wonderful.

Captain’s Log. Stardate October 20th, 2209.

I apologize for the outburst yesterday, I was upset after an exchange I had with Tomato after our recent encounter. I had told him that I thought his orders were reckless and endangering, and he responded with a jab at Lil Bro at which point I lost my cool. I need to be able to control my temper better, even during the most heated of arguments. I shouldn’t be worry about this anymore, we are on our way back to Jovian space and it will be good to finally relax. Hopefully I can get Lil Bro the best doctors the Confed has to offer.

This might sound odd, but I find myself falling for Iria. She is smart, funny, drop dead sexy, and the sex is freakin’ amazing. Normally I am not the one to settle down with anyone but she is different, she understands me. Anywho, I will tell you more soon, she’s calling me back to bed. Round three here I cum! lol

Captain’s Log. Stardate October 19th, 2209.


In Memory of Big Easy

Captain’s Log. Stardate October 14th, 2209.

Another ambush, surprise surprise. Somebody out here really hates us, or really hates Le Resistance de Moon. As we are escorting the refugees along Mars we get jumped by well armed and armored soldiers. I even had to shoot down an exo fighter with my turret rifle! Well anyways, the important news is I was chosen to be the Man of the Year and on the cover of Jovian Time magazine! At the Jovian Embassy on Mars we were treated like heroes and now everyone wants our D … I know Iriya sure did heh heh. I only wish lil bro could have been there with us, I tried telling him about it but the meds he’s on make it hard to communicate with him. It would have been great for us to have both been on the cover — he would have really enjoyed it. I have included a pic below so you can view it too.

There is one thing that’s bothering me though. Skull Squad was assigned a new guy by the name of Dietrich, who rubs me the wrong way. I don’t know what his game is, but he looks too much like a pretty boy to be able to fly with the big dawgs. He better not try to scoop up me women either. Anywho, I’m out. We have a secret mission to find another professor in distress … his name probably rhymes with walnut or something.

Captain’s Log. Stardate October 12th, 2209.

Lil bro has been shot and nearly killed. I stand by him as often as I can, only taking my leave to shit, shower, and the occasional meeting. But one important thing happened. I have finally understood what it is that I have been looking for. I was so caught up in worrying about fighting and losing lil bro that I forgot why we were doing fighting in the first place. Tomato asked me why I fight, and I couldn’t answer him. Why do you fight? Why? Now I know. After thinking about it over and over again the answer is simple. I fight because I want to serve a purpose, to feel like I’m needed. It all stems from growing up in an orphanage I suppose, and not knowing why your parents abandoned you in the first place. I will never forgive my parents for what they did to lil bro and I, but I would never forgive myself if I let my one chance at life slip away. Each time we live, we get to love again. And I will never pass that up. Whenever we get back to Jupiter, I’m taking Tomato out to a bar and getting him laid. It’s the least I can do … for saving my life.

Captain’s Log. Stardate October 5th, 2209.

There’s always death … Is there no end? We were set to engage the CEGA battalion that was chasing us; it was a suicide mission. I locked lil bro in the bathroom before we were about to suit up. He can’t die if he doesn’t fight right? Tomato nearly died, worse then I was two weeks ago. Anyone can die at any point in time, nobody is safe. I destroyed a Barracuda Cruiser when it appeared they weren’t shooting at me, a Wyvern that looked like it was dead in space, and an exo pilot that had already ejected. But oddly enough, I do not feel any remorse for them. Their lives are meaningless when compared to the workings of the universe. I’m logging off, I have to go workout some more. Oh, and Iriya was acting weird before this encounter. She kept touching me and asking weird questions, couldn’t she see I was busy doing my situps?! Silly women.

Captain’s Log. Stardate September 26th, 2209.

I had a talk with Tomato earlier today. He made me realize that while I came close to death, any normal man would not have survived. Perhaps he is right, but perhaps I just got lucky. Lucky enough to live another day before I witness my only living family destroyed in front of my eyes. There has to be a way out of this! I suppose my only hope is to work out as hard as I can to get stronger, to better protect lil bro. Tomorrow I might hit the gym, it will at least help distract me from my thoughts. I have found it is never good to let your idle thoughts run wild. Mine seem to chase me down wherever I go, so maybe I’ll outrun them … on the treadmill.

Captain’s Log. Stardate September 23rd, 2209.

Vail is dead; wiped from this life only to exist in our thoughts. When Charlestown got nuked hundreds died and we saved just a small percentage. I am now faced with my own mortality. In this past encounter with the CEGA fleet I was so concerned with protecting lil bro I did not bother to take my own safety into account. My leg is fucked up real bad and I nearly died, but anything I can do to prevent that nightmare from becoming a reality is justified. I will do whatever it takes! I … I wish I was strong enough to be able to protect him. But I’m just pathetic. I don’t even have the urge to hit on Iriya, who has been devotedly trying to nurse me back to health. I can tell that I’ve grown on her, and normally I would make my move, but for the first time in my life, I have no desire to. I think I will just stay in bed all day and hope I die from some infection. Good night.

Captain’s Log. Stardate August 18th, 2209.

So we were engaged by the CEGA fleet … by engage I mean their exos versus ours because we were able to outmaneuver and outpace the warships. It was 12 of them against just four of us because Khan (Warlock) was manning the comm systems. Lil bro got shot up pretty bad and had to retreat … could that nightmare come true? I sure hope not or maybe it’s time to rethink what I want out of life. I also took heavy damage, but the retaliator I’m piloting saved my life due to its heavier armor. Maybe I should talk with lil bro about the future and possibly a transfer to a not-so dangerous career. I know what he’ll say though, he’ll say that he’s “come too far to quit now”. He’s pretty stubborn, but I understand since this has been our dream our whole lives; we both watched commercials and reading news stories of exo-pilots as a kid and wanting to be just like them. Now that I think of it, they may have been famous, but did not have very long careers. On the bright side I got my 4th kill and am now considered an ace. We also decided to call ourselves the Skull Squad since we now have more kills as a squad than any other in the known solar system. I will be Skull 4 and so now I’m going to work on a clever design to have engraved on my exo. Hopefully something that will give me luck for what to come.

Captain’s Log. Stardate August 15th, 2209.

I don’t have much time here so I will make this quick. Dr. Acorn was a target for a assassination terrorist attack which we were able to thwart. We killed the terrorists, grabbed the doctor, tried fleeing the city via van, shot some cops, plugged up some holes in the car to prevent the Venus atmosphere from getting in, and then got scooped up by aforementioned sexy chick. Now we are trying to get back home but we are passing right by Earth and some CEGA fleets are after us. Hopefully this isn’t the last time I get to write in here.

Captain’s Log. Stardate July 29th, 2209.

It seems like Mars is not reporting our actions in the facility, which means they really are trying to keep things secret. Until then we have been assigned a new mission to investigate a one Dr. Acorn or something at some science fair on Venus. It seems like a lot of people are interested in what he knows. Our cover is bodyguards for these two other scientists that obviously want nothing to do with us, which is fine because I want nothing to do with them. There was also this super sexy chick that is definitely interested in lil bro and I … I’m thinking tag team.

Captain’s Log. Stardate July 27th, 2209.

The past few nights I have been waking up in the middle of the night due to nightmares. It’s always the same thing too … I hear a voice tell lil bro that “you’re expendable,” and when I glance over to check what’s going on, I see him trying to evade a group of incoming missiles in his exo but to no avail. The missiles detonate and lil bro explodes in a fiery death and his screams echo over my comm link for what seems like hours. I can’t seem to get these screams out of my head, and I find myself checking on him in the middle of the night to see if he’s still there. A couple of times he wakes up and asks what the hell I’m doing. I usually just tell him that I needed to get a glass of water. I don’t know what I would do without him, he’s the only family I have. There has to be a way to prevent this nightmare from coming true right?

Captain’s Log. Stardate July 20th, 2209.

You’re never going to believe this — it turns out there are exo parts being smuggled onto Mars. Looks like somebody is up to no good. We decide to investigate the delivery and climb on board the cargo ship that has come to pick up the parts. It was a good thing we brought these mechanic-looking suits to blend in … although mine is a tight fit :(. Anywho, we discover that not only are they secretly importing exo parts, but Mars has a whole secret factory devoted to the productions of exos. Too bad the jabronis won’t know how to fly ‘em! As we are trying to leave, we get attacked and we have to shoot our way out of the factory. Lil bro got shot up pretty bad, but fortunately it wasn’t too critical. So now we are chilling in the Jovian Embassy on Mars and hoping we don’t get fucked. Man, I just realized that Sarah is going to be pissed that I mysteriously left … I shouldn’t have told her my real name …

Captain’s Log. Stardate June 16th, 2209.

Sorry I haven’t had time to write in a while, but Sarah has been keeping me pretty busy if you know what I mean ;)

Captain’s Log. Stardate May 29th, 2209.

A super hot life guard works at the pool … I’m going to try to seduce her. I wish I knew how to swim though … maybe she’ll teach me. Oh, and this is all for the sake of the mission ;) hahaha.

Captain’s Log. Stardate May 28th, 2209.

So we’re here on the cruise ship. It is absolutely breathtaking. I’ve never been on a cruise before; I wonder what I should do first. We’re supposed to look for important people or something. Tomato keeps reminding me to write down every persons name down so we can cross check it with the list … heh, like that will happen. I’m going to the pool so I have an excuse not to carry a notepad around with me.

Captain’s Log. Stardate May 21st, 2209.

Well, looks like that CEGA warship was more then just a bunch of pirates. They may be after something important on this cruise ship and we’ve been secretly assigned by the head honcho to figure it out. Ssssh don’t tell anybody. Anywho, I gotta pack my bags for an 8 month cruise, peace.

Captains Log. Stardate May 14th, 2209.

I don’t care what they say, but I love the new season of Star Trek. It’s hard to believe it’s been around for 250 years now.

Today we tested out the new Pathfinder upgrade. It consisted of these booster packs that allow us to carry more fuel so we can kick ass longer … it felt like it slowed down my Pathfinder though. Khan got to test out the new techie upgrade, not sure I’d ever want to bother overcomplicating my mech with too many gadgets then it needs. I heard rumors that there was a sniper upgrade they have lying around, but you would figure if it is true we would be the first to try it out … So anywho, as we are flying out we pick up some strange signal out by this comet, it turns out it’s an old CEGA type warship that is using the comet to sneak into our system. So what do we do? We smash the thing to bits … it wasn’t easy though, they had some mechs of their own that were really heavily modified. You could barely even tell they were Wyverns. The best part of the whole operation, I got my first official kill today! I think I want to get a tattoo to commemorate the occasion. Lil bro is pretty jealous, but he usually is.

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